LA: Chained: A Victorian Nightmare

When: November 30th — December 9th
Where: GreatCo WhiteSpace, Canvas for Creators; 1655 Beverly Blvd, LA
Price: $40

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Here’s a Christmas treat PERFECT for LA:

Justin Denton, director of the much buzzed about Legion FXHoloLens experience at SDCC 2017 has channeled his love of immersive theatre into an all-new hybrid immersive theatre/VR piece that adapts the heart of A Christmas Carol.

To bring this to life he’s teamed up with Madison Wells Media, where Ethan Stearns (producer of Carne y Arena) has shepherded the project, and performers Haylee Nichele (Sleep No More, Then She Fell) and Michael Bates (The Speakeasy Society’s Johnny Cycle and Kansas Collection) have originated and perform the key roles.

They play the parts in repertory with James Cowan (Kansas Collection, Delusion: The Blue Blade) and Genevieve Gearhart (The Speakeasy Society).

No, I’m not making this up as a kind of NoPro Mad Libs.

“I’m thrilled for the immersive community to experience Chained, which was born out of our love of immersive theater and a passion for interactive storytelling through virtual reality,” said Stearns, executive producer of Chained. “Chained allows every person who experiences it to go on their own unique story, guided by actors who keep audience members surprised and engaged through the entire journey.”

Chained debuts at the all-new GreatCo — producers of Delusion — space near Echo Park. Tickets are limited. Act fast because did you read what I just wrote?

Official Description Follows

“Chained: A Victorian Nightmare” is the haunting immersive adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale “A Christmas Carol”. Step into Victorian-era London, keep the company of ghosts, and confront your own past, present, and future through a bone-chilling journey of self-discovery in this evocative new vision for “A Christmas Carol”.

In this single-guest experience, you will interact with live actors in both real and virtual spaces, traveling through a detailed physical set into the spirit world of 19th-century London. To “cross over”, you will be placed in a Virtual Reality headset where you will travel through otherworldly scenes and converse with powerful and terrifying spirits.”Chained” is co-produced by MWM Immersive, the immersive division of MWM (Madison Wells Media), and Here Be Dragons.

“Chained” opens November 30 at experiential studio GreatCo (1655 Beverly Blvd), and the first set of advanced tickets are available at Be sure to check back on the website or via social media (TwitterFacebook and Instagram) for additional showtimes to be announced soon!

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