A Victorian Nightmare


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Justin Denton


Justin Denton is a Texas-born artist and director. By mixing an innate passion for the fine arts and a 15 year career in feature and commercial visual effects, Justin found his passion in telling stories through technology. He began his directing career with the VR experience "Beware Crimson Peak" for Legendary Entertainment, and then went on to write and direct the independent short film "Burlap" which has shown at over 20 festivals in both traditional and VR formats including Fantastic Fest, Cinequest, Beyond Fest, and is now featured on Hulu VR.

Justin’s other director credits include "Ghost in the Shell VR" for Paramount Pictures and "The Possible: Listening to the Universe" for Here be Dragons and Within. Most recently, Justin directed the critically acclaimed mixed reality experience "Legion:Sessions" that debuted at Comic-Con 2017.

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Ethan Stearns

Executive Producer

Ethan Stearns serves as the Executive Producer at MWM Immersive, the innovative virtual reality and augmented reality division of MWM, a diversified entertainment media company focused on premium content creation in film, television, immersive media and live theater. Prior to joining MWM in 2017, Stearns served as the VP of Virtual Reality at Legendary Entertainment where he spearheaded many high-profile interactive cinematic experiences for both virtual and mixed reality. In 2016, Ethan began work with acclaimed director Alejandro G. Inaìrritu and cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki to produce the first ever Academy Award-winning VR project, “Carne y Arena”. Stearns innovative work continues to push the boundaries of content development, exposing existing and new audiences to the world of immersive entertainment.

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Aaron Sims

Art Director

 Aaron Sims is the visual creator behind some of most iconic and innovative characters in cinema history. Coming up under Stan Winston and Rick Baker, Aaron Sims is one of the premier character designers in Hollywood today. His credits include Transformers, Planet of the Apes, The Thing, Stranger Things, Twilight, and Men in Black. His new company Aaron Sims Creative does everything from character design, to VFX to experimental Virtual Reality installations. His unparalleled skill and dedication to consistently creating stunning content for all platforms of visual entertainment has made ASC a premiere entertainment studio.

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Bruce Straley

Interactive Story Producer

Bruce Straley is a Director, Designer, & Artist behind some of the most iconic and successful video games ever created. His work has set new standards in quality storytelling through interactivity, and has revolutionized the concept of what a compelling video game experience can be. He is the Co-Creator and Game Director of the innovative franchise The Last of Us, which broke records for the most-awarded game and is generally recognized as one of the best video games ever created. He was the Game Director of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Co-Director on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Co-Art Director of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

With 27 years of production experience and 15 titles shipped to his credit, Bruce is on a continuing journey to evolve his own concepts of what makes for the most compelling, interactive story-driven experiences, in any medium.

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Weston Gaylord


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Curtis Augspurger


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Christine Ryan

Associate Producer

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Ryan Cummins

VFX Supervisor

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Jesse Lehrhoff

Production Supervisor

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Haylee Nichele


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Michael Bates



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